Dotto Trains (2-319)

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An older tourist train from the Italian manufacturer Dotto Trains in a classic red-black color combination. It was manufactured in 2005, so far it has driven approx. 26 ths. hours. A total of 2 trailers will carry up to 40 people. The train has emission class EUR 3, is without defects and has undergone extensive renovation.

The train is approved for operation in road traffic.

Technical parameters

Model Dotto Trains
Manufacturer Dotto Trains, Italy
Year of the production 2005
Number of travelled hours 26194
Number of trailers 2
Max. rate of climb of the set 12 %
Max. of the transported people 20 persons / 1 trailer
Weight 3670 kg tractor, 1350 kg trailer
Front drive yes
Length 3,93 m tractor, 4,9 m trailer
Emission group EUR 3
Condition No defects, after renovation.
Location Slovakia

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