Tourist train P + S (SV-001)

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The Czech-made tousit train from 2005 has 3 trailers, each for 12 people and is in good technical condition. The trailers are open, the roof is covered with a waterproof tarpaulin and the seats are padded.

The entire set is approved for use on public roads.

Technical parameters

Model P + S
Manufacturer P + S
Type of engine ISUZU
Year of the production 2005
Number of travelled km 75 000
Number of trailers 3
Max. of the transported people 12 persons / 1 trailer, 2 persons / truck
Weight with people 6 600 kg
Length / height / width 17,8 m / 1, 7 m / 2,4 m
Front drive no
Condition The train is approved for operation in road traffic..
Defects and deficiencies Without defects.
Location Czechia

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